Professional Cleaning Services for Healthcare Institutions

CCS North Ltd T/a Chorley Cleaning Services aim to ensure clients meet the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (regulated activities) Regulations 2010.

CCS are experienced in working within and auditing established externally audited, systems and procedures, we as a company therefore have started out with systems working in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001. CCS have experience in working to CQC standards whilst on client sites, as an example we have broken down how we manage our company to assist our clients in meeting the standards required of them, lessening the worry of using contractors.


Regulation 10 Assessing and Monitoring the Quality of Service Provision

  • Regularly assess and monitor the quality of the services provided
  • Identify, assess and manage risks relating to the health, welfare and safety of employees and others how may be at risk from the carrying on of the service provided


CCS carries out scheduled audits with scope determined by CQC, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Audit findings are recorded for analysis to allow for continuous improvement. On the receipt of sufficient data CCS clients are able to request data findings for the purpose of client audit requirements.

CCS risk assess all activities carried out at client sites of which copies of and reviews are provided to clients.



Regulation 12 Cleanliness and Infection Control

  • The effective operation of systems designed to assess the risk of and to prevent, detect and control the spread of a health care associated infection
  • Where applicable, the provision of appropriate treatment for those who are affected by a health care associated infection


Each site is provided with a schedule of cleaning, all employees allocated to your building are provided with training on the use and reasoning for schedule.

CCS provides safe systems of work and training to all employees who may identify sharps as part of their role. Training includes; emergency action to take in event of sharps incident, the importance of colour coding as a method of cross contamination, hazardous waste, sickness policy and reporting.



The maintenance of appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene related to;

  • Premises occupied for the purpose of carrying on the regulated activity
  • Where applicable, the provision of appropriate treatment for those who are affected by a health care associated infection materials to be used in the treatment of service users where such materials are at risk of being contaminated with a health care associated infection.


CCS train employees in relevant aspects of infection prevention, the causes and control measures needed to ensure the safety of service users and your employees.

CCS operate a colour coding system as used within the NHS as a standardisation of cross contamination control. Colour coding is applied to all equipment used by employees on client sites.

CCS use chlorine based chemicals recognised within the NHS and have access to technical advice from manufacturers on new cleaning techniques related to infection prevention. Material Safety Data Sheets and Risk Assessments are provided to employees on the safe use of each product.

Cleaning schedules issued to both client and CCS employees with systems, cleaning standards and equipment audited by CCS managers.



Regulation 15 Safety and Suitability of Premises



Appropriate measures in relation to the security of the premises

CCS has trained employees who are competent in building security and lone working procedures. All employees are disclosure and barred checked due to various types of contracts CCS operate within. Employees are encourage to keep their DBS certificates live to allow for continual checking however and annual check is carried out with new DBS completed for employees without live status.

CCS are able to train employees in client site specific weekly / monthly Legionella Testing and Fire System testing to ensure legal compliance is met.

CCS provides risk assessments for employees at each client site. Generic risk assessments are not used, whilst a proportion of the hazards identified will be applicable to all sites the risk rating may not.

CCS has procedures which allow our employees to identify areas of premises that require maintenance attention or pose security or safety risks for client sites.

CCS staffs are trained in the cleaning of bodily fluids and have safe systems of work to operate from.



Regulation 16 Safety, Availability and Suitability of Equipment



Equipment is;

  • Properly maintained and suitable for its purpose
  • Used correctly
  • Available to staff at all times


CCS ensure that all equipment provided is fit for purpose and maintained/ replaced as part of rolling programme. Employees receive full training in all equipment required to use. Equipment used for cleaning is stored securely in area allocated by client.

CCS requires from clients a specified area within the building to allow for safe and secure storage of cleaning equipment and chemicals.



Regulation 19 Complaints



Effective system in place for identifying, receiving handling and responding appropriately to complaints and comments.

CCS actively seeks customer feedback from which we can use the data collected for continuous improvement of our service. Methods of feedback are hard copy and electronic questionnaires.

CCS have a complaints procedure which details the escalation points for employees and managers. Any complaint is recorded and is included in the agenda for CCS Management meetings.



Regulation 18 Notification of Other Incidents



Notify without delay any incident which occurs whilst services are being provided in the carrying out of cleaning service or as a consequence of premises fault

CCS has in place an accident reporting procedure which is communicated to all employees during initial training for all employees. Any incident at a client site is reported immediately to CCS Management who in turn will provide details to the client for their records.



Regulation 20 Records




  • Records are kept securely and can be located promptly when required
  • Retain records for an appropriate period of time
  • Securely destroy data when appropriate to do so.


CCS records are controlled as per CQC, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standard requirements. Document control is in place with scheduled desk top audits in place to determine effectiveness. All records are kept and archived in accordance with current health and safety and financial legislation.



Regulation 21 Requirements Relating to Workers



Operate effective recruitment procedures in order to ensure that no person is employed unless they are;

  • Of good character
  • Has qualifications, skills and experience which are necessary for the work to be performed
  • Physically and mentally fit for that work


CCS recruitment is subject to Disclosure and Barring Services checks before permitting employees onto client premises.

CCS employees are trained in all aspects of cleaning alongside various other areas including, client confidentiality with procedures in place to manage any breaches. All employees are required to work within a code of practice for which training is given during induction.

CCS employees are required to demonstrate that they are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom.

Although cleaning is carried out whilst client premises are closed to public there may be occasions that this is not the case, in such circumstances safeguarding training packages are in place for employees.

CCS employees health is monitored as an ongoing process of employee management.

All CCS employees are employed on the basis that additional training is part of the role.

CCS audit employee practices and cleaning standards as part of review process.

CCS is an equal opportunities employer.



Regulation 22 Staffing


In order to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of service users the registered person must take appropriate steps to ensure that at all times there are sufficient numbers of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced persons employed for the purpose of carrying out the regulated activity.


CCS Management includes a Health and Safety Manager with 10 years experience in working within local government setting with the last 4 years working with care homes. Staffing is managed by designated CCS Manager with cover employees all undergoing same recruitment and DBS checks as permanent employees.

CCS operates an Absence Management procedure to ensure client needs are met at all times.

Health and safety policy, systems and procedures in place with all documentation and working practices recorded and controlled in line with ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.



Regulation 23 Supporting Workers




  • Receive appropriate training, professional development, supervision and appraisal
  • Enable from time to time to obtain further qualifications appropriate to the work they perform.

CCS employees have access to a designated manager who carries out work assessments and training as required.


Thorough inductions are carried out by CCS with company handbooks providing all basic information, location of additional information and code of conduct. The handbook completion makes up part of the initial induction and training provided to all employees.

Risk assessments and safe systems of work are communicated to all employees and is recorded on the employees training record card.

Annual appraisals are carried out with all employees to discuss areas of praise or improvement and the personal development of individuals within the company.